Gene Haas Foundation Grant Awarded to Northwood MFG

Recently Northwoods Manufacturing was awarded a grant from the Gene Haas Foundation for $7,500 dollars. Northwoods Manufacturing would like to thank Peter Sturgul for writing this grant for the program. We would also like to thank the Gene Hass foundation for awarding us this grant money. And Lastly Bill Dymond, and Dave Kramer, employees of Haas Automation, for presenting us with this check and taking the time to tour our facility. 

After School program started at Northwoods MFG

Northwood’s Manufacturing has started an afterschool program for students. The students involved in the metals division of the Northwood’s Manufacturing program have been working on parts for local industry and community members after school since the start of the year. The shop is open every Tuesday and Thursday from 3:00 pm to 6:00 pm. Recently over the past few months two Bretting Manufacturing employees, Ron Nygard and Joe Osterman, have been staying after school with the students to work on machined parts that the students of Northwood’s Manufacturing produce for Bretting Manufacturing. Ron and Joe both have many years of experience in the trade and are able to help the students really improve their skill levels. Northwood’s Manufacturing and the Hurley School would like to thank both Ron Nygard and Joe Osterman for their involvement with the school and recognize them for their support.

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