Northwoods Manufacturing. What Are We?

     Northwoods Manufacturing is a student run business ran out of the Hurley High schools technology education department. Northwoods Manufacuring began with a vision, a vision of creativity, student learning, and technological education. In Northwoods Manufacturing we teach our students how to develop a good work ethic, how to produce manufactured products from metal and wood, and we encourage them to propel themselves into our country's skilled labor gaps.






























In our start-up year we began by raising money with the help of our wonderful community supporters and local industries to renew and replace some of our out dated machinery. All of the new equipment helps us in providing the best education for our students.


Students have an oppurtunity to progress through our technology education program and become employees in our student-run business. Student titles include: welders/fabricators, machinists, engineers, marketers, entrepeneurs, office staff, and many more. We chose a student-run business at Hurley High School because it offers an opportunity to teach a variety of soft skills to our students before they get into the work force, and it allows students to see the benefits of careers in the manufacturing field.


Our main focus is to give students a real world manufacturing experience. We do this by contracting manufacturing work from local industry and community members. To learn more about what kind of products we can produce at Northwoods Manufacturing please visit our capabilities page above.

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